When Sarah’s husband dies suddenly, her own life seems to have ended as well. Grief is an ever present companion. Counseling doesn't help. Nothing helps.  
       Sarah's plan is to wade into the sea and just keep swimming towards the horizon until she can't swim any further. But instead of drowning, Sarah finds herself in an underwater world where she is welcome, and wanted. And then suddenly, she's 
back on the beach, wondering what happened.  Was it a dream? Was she hallucinating? Is she going mad? 
       Her determined effort to make sense of this experience involves her in the alleged kidnapping of a young heiress. Now, Sarah is a suspect. Her real and imaginary worlds are colliding -- but how can this be happening? Somehow, Sarah must decide what is real and what is not. 
Her life depends on it.  
      And anything is possible.

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Publication Date  May, 2009

Distributed by Pathway Book Service


ISBN 978-0-692-00100-4

Retail Price: $15.95