About Gail Graham

     Gail Graham's first  novel  Crossfire was awarded the prestigious Buxtehude Bulle, an important, German literary prize for fiction. Crossfire was subsequently translated into French, German, Finnish and Danish.

     Three of Gail's previous books were New York Times Book of the Year Recommendations.

     Her biography of Mao Zedong, A Cool Wind Blowing, was translated into Chinese and used as a textbook in Singapore schools.

     Gail's son Jim sustained severe head injuries in a car accident in 1983. The family was living in Australia at the time, and Gail wrote two highly-praised books about Jim's struggle to obtain care and rehabilitation, Staying Alive and A Long Season In Hell.

      "As Sinclair's The Jungle served as a call-for-action in response to deplorable human conditions in the turn of the century American meat packing industry, this book is most memorable for its heart-wrenching portrayal of the impact of severe brain injury on one very human family."

Charles D. Callahan, Ph.D

        After living for many years in Australia, Gail Graham returned to the Unitedtates in 2002. She lives with her Shih Tzu Bao in Scottsdale,  Arizona.

   Sea Changes will be published in May, 2009