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Sea Changes

Adventure/Ultimate Bookhound   "This lyrical novel conveys incredible emotional depth within a fascinating storyline. Read the review 

January Magazine  Incredibly difficult to describe, it's also very hard to put down. Sea Changes is about loss and rebirth and, in certain ways, it's about resilience of spirit ... It's a magical book." Read the review

Sandra Williams  "Sea Changes is ... an emotional journey that offers hope to others in mourning. Things can never be the same after losing a spouse, but eventually other reasons to live provide opportunities and offer enough strength to continue. This is an excellent book to recommend to anyone grieving or facing depression becaue it offers hope that eventually, things do get better." Read the review

Betty's Book Review "this is a book that is hard to categorize. It's part mystery, part fantasy, even part romance. But it was definitely entertaining and kept my attention." Read the review 

Harriet Klausner   (Amazon No. 1 Reviewer)  "This is an intriguing character driven fantasy with a deep message pleading with the surivor to seek a new groove when a life mate dies ... Sarah must decide between memories fuelled by grief and starting a new life to build new memories." Read the review

Books and Movies Today "I really, really liked this book. It was very unusual, unlike anything I'd read, and was a complete page turner. I couldn't wait to find out what happened ..." Read the review

Good Books in Bad Times  "An avenue of hope and inspiration." Read the review"

Lonnie E Holder (Amazon Top 100 Reviewer): "I found the end of this book delightful, intriguing and fun. Gail Graham's prose kept me interested to the very last word ... I will remember this book for a long time." Read the review

Book Pleasures  "Sea Changes is filled with a sweet naivete that is rare in our world of brash reality and conditioned acceptance of the loss of innocence. The book is filled with a gentle yearning toward understanding and a strong longing for fulfillment once owned and now lost. Even with its easy pace, tension and suspence build until the reader can't put the book down and the final page is read." Read the review 

5 Minutes For Books  "Sea Changes by Gail Graham is one of those books that is not adequately represented by a short description ... Fantasy, Who Done It, Relationships, Exotic Setting -- Sea Changes is a great genre-buster. " Read the review

Sacramento Book Review  "An intriguing plot and fantastically detailed descriptions make Sea Changes a great book to read while pondering the possibilities of life." Read the review 

Socrates Book Reviews   "This book takes place in Australia and I found it interesting that there were so many differences in the law between Australia and the United States. The major difference being that not everyone was entitled to legal defense. Written beautifully, this is a story of one woman’s struggle in dealing with grief and a world that feels she should move on with her life....I truly enjoyed this story and hope we meet up with Sarah again."  Read the review    Read the interview 

Peeking Between The Pages  "This story is for anyone who has ever lost someone and has felt that overwhelming grief and wondered if there is really any hope of life after the loss ... Read it and find out for yourself."  Read the review

Jennifer Cameron-Smith (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)  "Expect the unexpected"  Read the review

Dallas Book Diva  "Graham has lost her own husband ... but this is not a depressing novel of death. It is rather one of hope and inspiration for women who are suffering from loss." Read the review

Laura Hinds  "This book could become one that you will want to read again every few years as a tradition because it may have new meaning for you at various stages of your life."  Read the review

AmazonTop 50 Reviewer  Amanda Richards "This unusual and imaginative book is definitely a must-read, and the writing style, descriptive passages and characters will have you turning the pages as fast as you can read."   Read the review

Amazon Top 500 Reviewer Elaine C. McTyver 
"This is such a wonderful read. It is full of the possibilites that create hope and wonder in the human breast. I am a widow and as I read this story it felt like the author had reached down inside me and brought forth all the unexpressed feelings that I have had … Do not miss this book, so different but so full of truth and compassion and hope. I loved it. " Read the review

M.K. Hoelscher , Amazon Reviewer
"I thought this book was a terrific read and the story stayed with me after I was done. "  Read the review

Mr. Levski , Amazon Reviewer
“Best book I’ve read all year … The book had the one of the best ending to a novel that come across in years. It doesn't matter if you've never lost a spouse or never read a fantasy novel in your entire life. Graham has written a beautiful novel that will stay with me for years” Read the review

Don Blankenship Top 100 Amazon Reviewer
“Absolutely wonderful and flawless, in my opinion, character development along with a very, very unique writing style make this book stand out far in front of so many of the current reads I have had. I will be honest in the fact that I was absolutely hooked after the second page...had great difficulty in putting it down even to eat. ”  Read the review 

Shirley Priscilla Johnson Top 500 Amazon Reviewer
“This book kept me reading from beginning to end. The storyline is complex because it is layered with many twists and turns, emotions, fantasy, and truths all swirled together yet fragmenting off into their own right. It is one of love lost, new love, friendship, family ties and loyalty, regrets and closures, and birthing new beginnings. It is traumatic, yet tender, hopeless, yet hopeful and the ending is a true cliff-hanger. It caused me to think, ponder and wonder. One great read that I am proud to recommend.” Read the review 

Jennifer Donovan
“Fantasy, Who Done It, Relationships, Exotic Setting -- Sea Changes is a great genre-buster. If you like any of these genres, I'd recommend you giving this novel a try.” Read the review