Noses in Books

It's always a pleasant surprise when I receive books in the mail. A few weeks ago I received Sea Changes by author Gail Graham. I was fortunate enough to set up an interview with her and she was gracious enough to take the time and answer the questions I sent over even while out and about in Mexico. Read the interview

Scribe Vibes

Gail Graham talks about what it's like to move out of the genre comfort area 

"When I was a little girl growing up in South Orange, New Jersey (back when dinosaurs still roamed the planet) there was no such thing as genre. There were simply books, fiction and non-fiction. This worked quite well. Plucking a book from the fiction shelves at our local library, I knew it would be fiction – but that’s all I knew. It might be a romance, or an adventure, or a mystery, or fantasy. Or it might be something else, a combination of genres, unquantifiable and therefore even more tempting."  Click here to read more